Marc Dassen: “Todays challenges require a strong, integrated service provision for the industry”

In the face of today’s challenges for the industry, Marc Dassen, CEO of Sitech, has been introducing Sitech’s new vision at prestigious German trade fairs on maintenance and turnarounds. “Our integrated service offering provides a complete and coordinated approach, in which close cooperation between the client organization and us is key.”

Sitech has been supporting companies with the management and implementation of complex turnarounds, maintenance operations, and challenging modification projects for over 15 years. With its 3,000 specialists, Sitech works together with clients to optimize and protect the complete life cycle of assets with the chemical process industry. After its demerger in 2023, the company became part of the German Ebert HERA Group, a fantastic starting point for benefiting from each other’s expertise and workmanship. And an opportunity for growth, by expanding the services offered at the Chemelot industrial park and the wider ambitions of Sitech off site.

I have every confidence in the path we are taking and the results we will see in the coming years. There’s a good reason our new payoff is Achieve results together.
Marc Dassen, CEO of Sitech

New cooperation between client and Sitech
“The chemical industry is facing increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products amidst strict regulations and a push towards greener processes,” explains Dassen. “Global economic volatility is currently causing uncertainty, particularly with regard to commodity prices and stability of supply chains.” These factors are forcing companies to become adaptable and flexible in order to stay competitive. He recognizes the need to anticipate with efficient processes and working methods, as well as relevant innovations such as digital tools for planning and scope management. “There is a strong focus on cost optimization and improving efficiency, but cooperative models with shared interests are at least as important. These industry challenges require a strong strategy.

Our approach reflects both our history of intensive cooperation with clients at the Chemelot site and the future vision of a management and engineering organization that cooperates seamlessly with a strong implementing organization of clients.

Shared interests as part of one integrated strategy
According to Dassen, the idea behind the new Sitech strategy revolves around the close integration of the professional Sitech teams with client teams, both in the areas of management and execution. “Our approach, which we call ‘Integrated Services,’ originated from the intensive cooperation with our clients at the Chemelot site and our future vision of an organization in which management, engineering, and hands-on execution power integrate seamlessly.” He emphasizes that shared interests will be reflected in one integrated strategy, yielding high-quality results. “At Sitech, we see it as a shared mission to ensure asustainable future for the chemical industry through partnerships based on trust and transparency.”

Client-oriented service provision
This methodology eliminates duplicate work, reduces time wasting and manpower, and increases efficiency. Dassen continues: “That not only results in cost savings from more streamlined processes, it also increases our ability to manage risks and be proactive in ensuring the safety and integrity of operations. The client is central to us, which means our integrated services are tailored to their assets and requirements. This helps lay the foundations for long-standing relationships with our clients.”

At Sitech, we see it as a shared mission to ensure the sustainable future of the chemical industry through an integrated and coordinated approach, and partnerships based on trust and transparency.

Sitech excels in three areas
Sitech does this in three areas: management, supervision, and implementation of turnarounds, maintenance operations, and modification projects. Dassen: “These services are supported by our extensive knowledge and experience in various engineering disciplines. This means we can provide a reliable service, on budget, on schedule, and with minimal risks.

Sitech is ready for the future
Dassen first presented Sitech’s honed strategy at the TAR in Potsdam and Maintenance Dortmund, important European conferences on maintenance in the chemical industry. The focus of his keynote speech was Integrated Turnaround Management. The vision was well received and yielded lots of further discussion, reflects Dassen, very pleased. “Sitech has a strategic and future-proof design, and is ready for the future. I have every confidence in the path we are taking and the results we will see in the coming years. There’s a good reason our new payoff is Achieve results together.”

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