New chapter of cooperation between Sitech and KSB Nederland

Sitech and KSB Nederland, a leading specialist in pumps and valves, are joining forces in a new chapter of cooperation and expertise. This year, the companies agreed to a strategic partnership. Numerous Sitech workers are now honing their knowledge on centrifugal pumps in training offered by KSB, while workers from KSB and Sitech work together on the overhaul of centrifugal pumps at the Rotating Equipment Services Center (RESC).

Various activities have joined forces at Sitech’s RESC as part of one integrated strategy, yielding high-quality results. Thanks to KSB’s specialist technical knowledge, Sitech can build its expertise in rotating equipment far more quickly, resulting in better service provision and optimized services in the area of pump technology.

Cooperation like this strengthens the capacity for shared maintenance and repairs of centrifugal pumps. This in turn protects the maintenance process of assets and preserves operational integrity.

Pumps are overhauled at the Rotating Equipment Services Centre.

Numerous Sitech workers are currently taking part in training with KSB Nederland to give them a better insight into pump technologies and a broader picture of possible problems, for example if a pump is under-performing. “Often the pump itself is seen as the culprit, whereas the cause may lie somewhere else in the process.”

We also try to make sure the pumps are used in their optimal and recommended working environment so that they can perform well and enjoy an optimum service life.
Ivo van de Hove, Manager, Rotating Equipment Services Center at Sitech.

By implementing predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance, including inspections, potential risks can be spotted early on. That not only allows Sitech to respond to the problem, but also to be proactive by giving the customer useful advice and suggestions for improvement to support their maintenance strategy.

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