New: online portal Chemelot Safety Shop

Sitech’s Chemelot Safety Shop is an understanding on the Chemelot site. For years, companies have been able to go there for all their safety equipment and sound advice. Since the beginning of October 2022, the products and services of this shop can also be found in an online portal. Also for customers outside the site.

Bart Salemans, HVK Safety Engineer at the Chemelot Safety Shop: “Companies on the site use the ‘Safety Equipment Handbook’, which ensures uniformity in safety equipment at Chemelot. Outside of that, we provide even more products and services, such as equipment for portable and semi-stationary gas detection. We also have an extensive portfolio of various types of breathing apparatus, breathing air trolleys and breathing air units. We also support our range with a Face Fit Test service (certified with the Yellow Safety Sign). All our products and services can be found on our new portal . They are described specifically and extensively. In addition, the portal contains a lot of background information.”

Also for companies in the area

The Chemelot Safety Shop portal is accessible to everyone: customers and contractors, based on and off the Chemelot site.” Manager Operations Day Support Wim Tholen: “This is a conscious choice. There is plenty of interest from companies that want to use these resources outside Chemelot as well, because of their high quality. We hope that customers in the area who are looking for a specific safety device will now know how to find us better.”

Extra safety check

The Chemelot Safety Shop portal is no ordinary webshop. Bart: “Customers who place a product in their shopping cart do not immediately pay for it. They place a reservation, after which we contact them to discuss whether this product is available and suitable for the job. This extra service is in the interest of the customer. Compare it with lending a parachute: then you also want to be sure that you have the right one for a certain jump. The products are available immediately after the safety check and are delivered to customers in almost all of Limburg on location.”

Curious about the products and services of the Chemelot Safety Shop?
Watch the video Sitech – Chemelot Safety Shop or go directly to the new portal.

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