Sitech contributes to sustainability with infrastructure project

Chemelot wants to be the first circular chemistry site in Europe by 2050, using sustainable, non-fossil raw materials and energy to produce plastics for everyday items in every household. As the managing party, Sitech, together with an alliance of experts, realised the necessary adjustments to the infrastructure on the site and Port of Chemelot. A great example of our unique integrated approach in which we work intensively in teams with our partners to tackle and realise scopes.

Making Chemelot sustainable requires adjustments to infrastructure
Good infrastructure is indispensable for Port of Chemelot, with work being done both on making the transport of current raw materials cleaner, quieter and safer and on the infrastructure needed for the transition to renewable raw materials such as recycled waste and biomass. Ralph Schulz, project manager at Sitech explains: “The plants at Chemelot are largely intertwined, producing raw materials for other plants on the site. In addition, external supplies are used. Port of Chemelot plays an essential role in the supply of raw materials by water. The project provides for loading of raw material with a new collision barrier with loading arm at Port of Chemelot and a new transport pipeline from the port to Chemelot. At the site, the raw material is stored in two steel tanks buried in a mound.”

Strong cooperation based on knowledge and transparency
For the realisation of the project, an alliance consisting of companies with expertise in civil engineering, road construction, piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and engineering work was chosen.

Sitech, as our main contractor, brought the alliance companies together, which proved essential for the realisation of this project. All the alliance partners were very committed and came up with fantastic things every time there was a threat of delay somewhere.
Sjoerd Zuidema, director purchasing & supply chain management at Anqore

The companies worked intensively together to achieve the challenging goal within two years, something that seemed impossible beforehand. As a service provider, Sitech has extensive knowledge and experience within the chemical industry, this allowed us to design a flexible execution model that efficiently adapts to the changing requirements of our customers’ assets. Our approach aims to reduce downtime and minimise risks.

Our flexible execution model allowed us to efficiently delegate activities to the alliance partner with the most knowledge and expertise. And together ensured that the project remained on schedule and realised in accordance with the objectives, with a satisfied customer as the end result.
Ralph Schulz, project manager at Sitech

Sitech Integrated Project Services
From small modifications to complex projects, Sitech plans its services down to the smallest detail, including material selection and process and work sequencing as well as defining and ordering materials and equipment. With our integrated approach, we work intensively with our customers’ teams to address and realise their scope. Sitech has the necessary expertise, resources and tools required to carry out projects successfully, including taking care of the necessary permits.

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