Sitech Logistic Support Center mobile warehouse: customized inventory

Logistics services in the chemical and process industry require a high degree of flexibility, given the dynamic field of operations of companies in this sector. Thanks to Sitech’s broad knowledge and experience in this field, we can provide customers with a full range of logistics services. This is realized from our Logistic Support Center. 

The Logistic Support Center now offers its customers a new mobile solution; the mobile warehouse. This enables us to place the distribution warehouse as close as possible to the center of operations. And to organize the logistics process around the customer’s own dynamics.

Tim Joncker, Manager Logistics Support: “This enables us to meet the various needs of our customer. On the other hand, it allows us to create an optimal working environment for our warehouse employees. For example, the containers are equipped with insulation and heating. ”

The containers are designed to be scalable so that they can be placed on any site. Tim: “We can currently expand to a maximum of 12 containers. In addition, a specially developed system allows us to track the entire flow of materials. This way it is monitored at all times where the material is or to whom it has been disbursed.”

Meanwhile, the first Turn Around has been successfully completed using the mobile warehouse and many more will follow.

Want to know more about the mobile warehouse? Contact Tim Joncker at

Watch the video here:

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