Sitech Services supplier of innovative detection solutions for corrosion under insulation

Geleen, 10 July 2023 – Sitech Services, a leading service provider in the chemical process industry, is proud to announce its distribution agreement with CorrosionRADAR. This strategic partnership enables Sitech to offer its customers the best solution to address Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and to optimise the performance of their assets.

CUI is a increasing problem for ageing assets in the (chemical) industry, as it accelerates ageing, causes failures and brings with it unplanned downtime. CorrosionRADAR has developed an advanced automated solution for corrosion and moisture monitoring, giving customers insight into the hidden environment beneath their insulation. By detecting and addressing potential corrosion problems in time, asset owners can reduce risks and avoid costs.

The partnership between Sitech Services and CorrosionRADAR began with a successful pilot at AnQore, where the corrosion detection system was implemented on a column.

Sitech Services is known for delivering cutting-edge solutions to maximise plant performance in terms of safety, sustainability and production. In doing so, Director Technology & Innovation Rob Gulickers highlights the shift from reactive to proactive failure-prevention through planned inspections and predictive technologies.

The intensive collaboration with CorrosionRADAR perfectly aligns with Sitech’s strategy to let customers benefit from our network and our expertise and vision on asset maintenance. With this new form of contract, we guarantee state-of-the-art solutions within asset management.”

-Rob Gulickers, Director Technology & Innovation Sitech

The collaboration between Sitech Services and CorrosionRADAR enables customers to enjoy the benefits of CorrosionRADAR’s advanced CUI solution, with Sitech Services as distributor. Sitech Services provides its customers with extensive support and expertise in CUI and making the most of asset monitoring capabilities.

This service from Sitech, including CorrosionRADAR’s sensors, has already been successfully applied in a pilot project at AnQore on the Chemelot site in 2022, a good proof of effectiveness and reliability.

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