Sitech Smart Summits #1: Man and machine work closely together in industry 5.0

On October 5, the first edition of Sitech Smart Summits will take place presenting Sitech Services’ vision of Industry 5.0 and the concrete opportunities and solutions for factories. We interview Peter Bosmans, Technology Manager at Sitech and keynote speaker at the summit, about the concept of Industry 5.0 and its impact on the role of engineers and the industry as a whole.

Industry 5.0 represents a new era in which man and machine work closely together to improve efficiency and make factories more sustainable. How is Industrie 5.0 different from previous industrial revolutions?

Peter Bosmans: “Industry 5.0 is the next step in the industrial evolution, focusing on the synergy between man and machine. It builds on previous revolutions, such as Industry 4.0, where automation and digital technologies dominated. Unlike earlier phases, in which machines often replaced human labor, Industry 5.0 seeks a collaboration between human skills and advanced technologies. This allows us to increase productivity and increase efficiency.”

How does Industry 5.0 ensure better cooperation between humans and machines?

Peter Bosmans: “In Industry 5.0, humans and machines work together in complementary roles. Machines take on the physically demanding tasks, while humans focus on complex decision-making, creativity and innovation. A good example is the use of drones in our operations. We fly a drone and use AI to process the images. This allows us to identify problems and focus our engineers on the most relevant issues, while the rest is handled by machines. This collaboration improves efficiency and allows us to offer the same services with fewer people.”

Is Industry 5.0 threatening the role of our experts, for example engineers?

Peter Bosmans: “On the contrary, Industry 5.0 ensures that engineers can make optimal use of their specific knowledge and expertise. By using machines for repetitive tasks, engineers can concentrate on complex problems and specialist work. This actually frees up new positions, such as drone pilots and specialists in different fields. Moreover, Industry 5.0 allows us to better maintain and sustain factories, keeping us competitive with companies outside Europe.”

How does Industry 5.0 contribute to making industry more sustainable?

Peter Bosmans: “Industry 5.0 can contribute to sustainability by using resources more efficiently and reducing CO2 emissions. Using sensors and drones, we can monitor factories remotely and save travel movements. Moreover, with advanced technologies such as digital twins, we can get a better understanding of the condition of assets and plan maintenance better, preventing unnecessary waste.”

What can we expect from the Sitech Smart Summits?

Peter Bosmans: “The first Sitech Smart Summit will present Sitech Services’ vision of Industry 5.0 and the concrete opportunities and solutions we have developed. We will provide demonstrations of advanced dashboards, predictive analytics and the deployment of drones and other technologies. This event provides a unique opportunity to learn how Industry 5.0 will transform the industry, how Sitech is embracing these changes and what that will bring to factories that partner with us.”

What’s on the program at the first Sitech Smart Summit on Oct. 5?

Peter Bosmans: During our first Sitech Smart Summit, we will show how Industry 5.0 works in practice. We use drones in conjunction with AI for inspections in factories, allowing engineers to focus on complex decision making. The drones detect anomalies and send them to us, after which we can plan targeted inspections. By analyzing all the data and linking it to AI, we create digital copies of factories and efficiently make predictions for asset reporting. This approach improves maintenance and makes factories more sustainable. We also demonstrate the capabilities of drones, both airborne and underwater, for various applications.

Sitech Smart Summit on October 5 at Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Industry 5.0 promises to be an exciting new phase in industrial evolution, with collaboration between humans and machines at its core. By combining human skills with advanced technologies, we can produce more efficiently and sustainably, while creating new opportunities for industry and the people who work in it. The Sitech Smart Summits provide an excellent opportunity to see developments in action and understand how innovation will impact the future of industry.

When: Thursday, October 5, 2023 | 15:00 to 16:30, followed by space for discussion afterwards

Location: Auditorium, Center Court, Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Address: Urmonderbaan 22, 6167 RD Geleen

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