Sitech’s future focuses on independency, with possible new owners

Sitech is the leading service supplier on the Chemelot site, pioneering the digitisation of process engineering and the sustainable factory of the future. Founded in 2008 from different DSM departments, multidisciplinary teams of specialists work closely together to put their knowledge and experience of the process industry at the service of the customer. The future of our company is focused on independency and we are working towards becoming an innovative, market-oriented organisation. The core of our company, the bulk of our teams and our services-from site infrastructure and water treatment to engineering, maintenance and modifications to chemical plants, among others-does not change, the context does. A split of our operations, with a new owner for both, is envisaged. Just like the commodification of our customer-supplier relationship and the place of certain roles, either at Sitech or at the customer.

Marc Dassen, CEO of Sitech: “Sitech will continue to be the main supplier for our customers in the future and we want to further expand our leading position on the Chemelot site. In order to be able to fulfil our role as a service supplier even better and also offer our services outside Chemelot, independency is the best step towards a healthy future with job retention. We see good opportunities for an independent Sitech in combination with the right owner. There is a growing shortage in the market of technical staff and Sitech is a company with a highly relevant value proposition and growth potential.”

Sitech is carefully handling the process of becoming independent, meanwhile working in line with ‘Business as usual’. Our customer satisfaction is and will remain the basis for our success. Over the past year, together with our current shareholders, we have taken considerable steps in developing our future strategy and expect final clarity on the changes and new owners in early 2023. After final decision-making, we will start a careful transition period together with our customers to ensure continuity of ongoing operations.

The reason for separating Sitech into two companies is that in developing our future strategy, it has become clear that our activities relating to water treatment and management of the Chemelot infrastructure, and the technical services we provide to our customers on the site -which include firefighting and security, engineering, maintenance and modifications to chemical plants, are so different in terms of strategy that a split will lead to a stronger future. The spin-off of Sitech into two companies is accompanied by work guarantees on the Chemelot site, allowing us to ensure process continuity together with our customers. For broadening the field of work outside Chemelot, the services part of Sitech is in a better position with a new owner who sees the company as a partner and wants to grow together. Sitech brings a lot of knowledge and expertise to the future owner, which is confirmed in exploratory talks with various market parties.

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