Your plant covered by video

The specially trained Sitech drone team, which is committed to better incident handling and preventive inspections, is expanding with a new service: Your plant covered by video. This initiative by marketing agency Curgoal takes video productions in the chemical industry to the next level. Our drones reach places that are normally inaccessible!

What this looks like?

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Inspections of confined spaces using a drone
Inspections of confined spaces using a drone is a promising development from a safety point of view. After all, how great would it be if inspectors no longer had to enter confined spaces themselves? This method of inspection is more accurate, faster, safer and more economically advantageous than the use of an aerial platform. Using robots in confined spaces is safer. If something happens to an inspector in a confined space, then we can get him out again quickly. It also saves on costs, as there is no need to construct scaffolding or cut away pipes. This also saves time, which means that the duration of the turnaround can be reduced.

Better incident handling using a drone team
The Sitech drone team is deployed not only on the Chemelot site, but also in Limburg and part of Southeast Brabant. In 2020, we entered into a unique collaboration with the South Limburg Security Region (VRZL) for incident response in the region. Sitech’s specially trained drone team can be deployed 24/7 and is one of five teams currently operational in the Netherlands. The use of drones has proven to be of great added value in managing incidents. By using a drone, incidents can be managed considerably more efficiently. The drone is equipped with special cameras, which the fire brigade uses to observe a fire from above. Drone images can also help the police with investigations or traffic accidents.

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