Improvement potential illustrated by Sitech Asset Management Quickscan

The Asset Management Quickscan provides an efficient method to identify the optimization potential of maintenance processes. Through a concise survey, our clients quickly receive results and recommendations that enable them to control the availability and reliability of their assets. This leads to improved control of risks and costs. Sitech services is happy to help you gain better control over the availability and reliability of your assets.

The Asset Management Quickscan: a scan of your maintenance process 
Sitech has developed a special tool to reveal the improvement potential of maintenance processes: the Asset Management Quickscan. It focuses on 15 maintenance competencies, including cost control, criticality ranking, life time extension and safety, health and environment. To arrive at optimal advice, our engineers study your work processes. And they hold interviews with knowledge carriers within your organization. On this basis, you will receive a report with advice and recommendations per maintenance competence, taking into account your business objectives.

15 maintenance competencies mapped
Eric Timmermans, Senior Reliability Engineer (pictured left) and Joell Stassen, Maintenance Manager at Sitech, explain what the Quickscan entails. “We regularly get questions from companies that want to improve their maintenance,” Eric begins. “They then want us to look for improvement potential by doing a scan of their maintenance process. Especially for that purpose, we have developed the Asset Management Quickscan that focuses on 15 maintenance competencies. It works as follows: beforehand, we request documentation from the client, such as reports and information about work processes. We study this thoroughly. Then we walk around the customer for two days to conduct interviews. As broadly as possible: from the work planner to the maintenance manager and the director. Once we have gathered all the information, we determine for each maintenance competency whether it is sufficiently set up.”

You can compare the quick scan to an audit, only the angle is not ‘compliance’.
Joell Stassen, Maintenance Manager at Sitech

“It’s about giving advice that helps the company move forward in the area of maintenance. This advice is always related to the company’s business objectives. Because it makes quite a difference whether a company wants to save costs or strive for maximum availability of the installations. We do that independently for all kinds of production organizations: in the process industry, but it can also be a confectionery company.”

Complete, fast and a fixed price 
The Asset Management Quickscan keeps the thermometer in all aspects of your asset management. The study does not take much time, so you quickly receive the results and recommendations in a clear report. We agree a fixed price with you for the entire process. So you know in advance where you stand.

Also want to get the most out of your maintenance? 
The Asset Management Quickscans we have already carried out sometimes yield surprising results. And satisfied customers. Curious about the possibilities for your company? We would be happy to visit you and tell you more about our services. Feel free to contact Peter Bosmans on 06 – 12 37 00 59 or

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