A2 temporally closed to transport giant storage tanks to Chemelot

Two huge steel storage tanks, known as ‘bullets’, made an impressive journey from the port of Stein to Chemelot in the evening on 7 and 8 July. At no less than 53 metres long and 8 metres in diameter, these tanks are an imposing sight. To allow this special transport to ‘cross’ the motorway to the industrial estate, the A2 highway was temporarily closed.

This extraordinary operation was part of the OHIO project, which aims to make adjustments to the resource supply of the port of Stein.  The OHIO project, led by Sitech Services, promises to be a major milestone for Chemelot and aims to provide greater independence and operational flexibility for the plants on the site. The tanks will act as storage facilities for propylene.

The OHIO alliance, consisting of several companies with expertise in the fields of civil engineering, road construction and engineering, is working together on this ambitious project. An extensive interview with project leader Ralph Schulz will follow in September, discussing all the ins and outs of the OHIO project.

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