Split into two companies and alliance with Ebert HERA marks new phase for Sitech services

On June 1st, Sitech services was split into two independent companies, and the shares of the service activities were sold to Ebert HERA Esser Group. With this, Sitech strengthens its capabilities and creates opportunities within and beyond Chemelot.

The service activities will continue under the name Sitech services, with the legal entity Sitech services BV succeeding Sitech Manufacturing Services CV. From June 1st onwards, Fire Brigade & Security and IT services will be provided by Sitech services BV. The asset activities, with Sitech Holding BV as the legal entity, along with its subsidiaries Sitech Site Services BV and Sitech IAZI BV, will continue for now under the name Sitech. Sitech Site Services BV will continue to provide services related to Site Infrastructure, Real Estate & Facilities, and IT Infrastructure (copper and fiber optics).

Sitech services BV – service activities
The European process industry faces a significant challenge: to maintain optimal production while transitioning towards sustainability, all under the watchfull eye of critical stakeholders. Sitech services connects factories with the expertise and specialists required to maximize performance. Every day, we work to create a sustainable, safe, and competitive process industry by providing services ranging from daily maintenance of industrial installations and complex Turn Arounds to a wide array of specialized engineering services. This also includes our fire brigade and security activities, as the integration of these services with our knowledge of factories and processes is both unique and highly relevant.

Sitech will continue to be the key supplier for our customers and a partner for our contractors in the future. We aim to further strengthen our leading position both on and off the Chemelot site, with independence as the best step toward a healthy future.”

-Marc Dassen, CEO Sitech services

Together with Ebert HERA, we provide our customers in the process industry with smart total solutions that result from our experience, craftsmanship, and unique expertise. From our home base and long-standing experience at the Chemelot site, we are a reliable partner for manufacturers throughout Europe. As an independent company within the Ebert HERA Esser Group, Sitech fulfills its future, maintaining its unique multidisciplinary service approach with approximately 850 Sitech employees.

Sitech IAZI BV and Sitech Site services BV – asset activities
The asset activities of Sitech will continue with the current owners, with approximately 50 employees, with the intention of selling to a strategic partner. This allows the asset activities to become the site base of Chemelot, both now and for a sustainable future. The company focuses on operating and further developing infrastructure, rail services, utilities including wastewater treatment, logistics, and facilities. We provide asset owners with the opportunity to conduct their operations, knowing that all essential requirements are met, with safety, future-proofing, and efficiency as inherent principles.

We are in a transition period, and I have full confidence that, together with all stakeholders, we can shape a strong and independent asset company that contributes to a successful and sustainable future for the Chemelot site.”

-Christian Widdershoven, CEO Sitech asset activities

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