The biggest Turn Around year in history

Turn Arounds: planned shutdowns with minimum downtime

Every plant at Chemelot has to go through this periodically: major maintenance. This is a major and complex operation, which usually involves shutting down the plant for a few weeks. The plant is then thoroughly cleaned, inspected, repaired and, where possible, preserved at a rapid pace. Hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of Sitech employees and other companies do an enormous amount of work in a short period of time. Because if “time is money” can be felt anywhere, it is during such a maintenance stop (also known as “shutdown” or “Turn Around”).

Core business for Sitech

Turn Arounds are complex. For Sitech, for our customers and for our contractors. Complexity that calls for strong central direction. “Turn Arounds are our core business and there is always a lot involved. Aspects such as time, scope, materials and money come back and are under pressure, because the factories are at a standstill during the Turn Around and do not run any production. We do not want the Turn Around to last a day too long! The timing is driven by the mandatory inspection period of the plant in question, whereby on the Chemelot site there is often a link, because one plant supplies the raw material for the other. We therefore plan a Turn Around strictly according to a script. And we usually start preparations a year before the actual Turn Around.”

Working together with one aim in mind

Sitech works on the Turn Arounds from the entire chain; the entire organization is involved. To start with, of course, we have irreplaceable knowledge of the plant and the factories present. For each Turn Around, we link that to all the possibilities we have within our own organization. Everyone participates and complements each other. In this way, we work together with one aim in mind: to get the most out of the plant by maintaining it as well as possible during the Turn Arounds and in the period in between.

Sitech is at the beginning of the biggest Turn Around year in its history. No less than seven Turn Arounds are planned for this year (fall 2022 and spring 2023). This brings the necessary challenges. Preparations are already in full swing, we are going for the maximum!

What does this looks like? Check it out here:

In order to achieve a successful execution together we are looking for: Work Planners, Planning Leads, Turn Around Managers, Construction Managers Rotating and (Senior) Schedulers.

Maurice Beltgens, Business Partner Talent Acquisition, Engagement & Development: “We are looking for new people with fresh ideas and a way of looking at things, who dare to ask why we do things the way we do them. The aim is to ensure that interaction takes place between old and new employees, so that an optimal combination of knowledge, experience and entrepreneurship is created. With which we empower everyone and help to develop each other.”

Do you want to be part of this historic year? Or do you know someone who will? See our job opportunities.

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